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Yigal Bendgi Licensed Paralegal in Toronto Canada

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Yigal Bendgi, Licensed Paralegal in Toronto Canada

Yigal Bendgi is a paralegal, licensed under the Law society of Upper Canada (LSUC), and practices out of Toronto, Ontario. As a Licensed Paralegal, Yigal Bendgi provides legal services to the public in the GTA and surrounding regions. Yigal is passionate about helping people with their legal disputes, and assists his clients in navigating through the justice system and legal procedures to reach just resolutions.

Yigal Bendgi is also a proud member of the Paralegal Association of Ontario (LPA).  The LPA is an organization of paralegal professionals committed to helping Ontarians access the justice system.  Members of the LPA have years of experience and specialty in providing legal services to the public, and adhere to the Rules of Conduct set out by the Law society of Upper Canada.

Professional and Effective Legal Help

Yigal Bendgi works in association with lawyers and paralegals in order to provide and refer a comprehensive variety of legal services to his clients.  Below is a list of the legal services Yigal offers:


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